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so.  with lisa robertson thick in the head, and leach, with his book on camouflage, and vidler with warped spaces, somewhat reluctantly, i’m rearranging on-line spaces.  this moment to try and figure different configurations, and I imagine a youngster in field, looking over my webspaces, my architecture, the structures of the space, and saying, but why would you arrange things this way, and don’t you know, data bases are the gods’ glories…and this answer, this solution, this panacea.

vidler’s cat

this process of creating a set of linked blogs…it feels like one of those shows in tv-land, one of those incessant reality tv shows where they clean up the clutter of another person’s life, in order to make a space more inhabitable, more something framed by mainstream as appropriate, and thankfully, no tv camera gazing at the mess i’ve made, the ways i shake my head as I make my way through the archives, just of courses alone, and all the attached pages, instructions, assignments.  Feeling very much the girl with the floppy disks for the very very ancient computers and the strange world of wordpress.  and themes.  and css.  and maybe it’s a life…but maybe i want my hands on the html pages…as if comfort comes in some clinging to what one can know easily enough, see, backup, store, etc

the work of cleaning up, rearranging, deciding on a liveable space, on-line.  heavens.

tell me that language, in these places, with these parameters, still wiggles enough, despite the public venue.  the possibility of response.  the way audience becomes invoked/imagined differently

tell me this doesn’t matter, one iota. please.